Investment and privatization, sale of assets and capital repurchase:

  • The acquisition, by the Mitidji Group, of the entire capital of the EPE Maïserie Tafna and Moulins du SIG;
  • The acquisition of 70% of the capital of the EPE ESCB (SGP INJAB) by Brown & Root Condor;
  • The opening of the cement plants capital (1st Call of supply);
  • The sale of the Chelghoum El-Eid unit by ENAD for Henkel;
  • The opening of the Credit Populaire Algerien capital;
  • Majority stake of General Electric in Algesco;
  • The sale of the Châteauneuf hotel;
  • The opening of the CNAN capital;
  • The sale of the Seybousse hotel.